come on by for a tour of our gardens & see what’s in the farm stand. we’re here on the daily! or if you want us to ship you something, let us know!

The Farm Stand

you pick produce basket

come & harvest with us your own basket of produce, and fresh eggs.

$20 per basket 

$6 per dozen eggs


we make all our jams & jellies with lots of 💛 & in small batches, with whatever is in abundance. and all our jams+jellies+lilikoi butter can be shipped safely to you! we ship them all over the US. just give us a call or message to see what we have!

$10 - $25 per jar 

honeyrose balm

made with lots of love...and other really good ingredients. honeyrose balm can be applied wherever you need nourishment. its a blend of lokelani rose infused organic shea butter, mango butter, cocoa butter, cold-pressed coconut oil, honey & honeycomb. and blended into a rich, creamy balm. 

$10 per stick 

‘organic’ heavenly rose petals

hawaiian lokelani (heavenly rose) roses that we so lovingly planted & raised are now blooming daily in our gardens! we collect & air dry the petals for tea, steam & to infuse cooking. 

$20 per jar 


fresh blend of flowers & herbs, created just for you. 

photo : lokelani roses, basil, lemon verbena, lavender, rosemary..

$20 for 10 servings