Hawaiian Pineapple Jam Dressing

​​​​​​We eat salad for breakfast. It’s something I was raised doing & when Kalen tried, he loved it..so it quickly became the norm. And most of our guests love it, especially when we use Kalen’s fresh pineapple jam as the dressing.

Pineapple Jam + Mint Dressing Recipe : it’s sweet, tangy & fresh. An easy, everyone’s  favorite. You can drizzle it on greens or just about anything..

2 Tablespoons Kalen’s Pineapple Jam (or any other Jam)

2 Tablespoons Avocado Oil

1 teaspoon fresh lime juice

A pinch of fresh mint leaves

sprinkle of sea salt & fresh ground pepper to taste

miko it all together & enjoy!

Aloha, Sorrel + Kalen


Sunshine Sauce

sure as the sun does shine..

This Hot Sauce is such good medicine.

Sorrel created this recipe on the fly, as she usually does..a walk around the garden on a cold Hawaiian Wintery afternoon & a craving...for something spicey & alive.

Sunshine Sauce Recipe:

1/2 c fresh chili’s 

1/4 c olena & ginger

1/4 c honey & honeycomb 

1/4 c local spring water

a few pinches local salt

blend all together until chunky creamy & then into a glass jar & put into the garden to breathe in the sunshine & healthy bacteria’s. then lid loosely & place on your kitchen counter for 3-5 days, shaking or stirring daily. once it’s all bubbly, put it back in the blender w 1/4 c apple cider vinegar & blend till real creamy. store in the fridge & enjoy on everything, or as a morning wake up shot diluted w some water :)

Kalen’s Kaua’i Version Teriyaki Sauce

Gluten-free Teriyaki

Here in the islands Teriyaki Sauce is a staple & traditionally made using Shoyu...in this version Kalen uses gluten-free tamari. It was hard to believe Teriyaki could taste any better than it always has, but it truly does! He now only uses Tamari. 

Gluten-free Teriyaki Recipe:

3/4 c tamari 

1 c water

3/4 c organic cane sugar or honey

3 crushed garlic cloves

2 thumbs of ginger, thinly sliced

mix this all together in a small pot & simmer till sugar dissolves & it begins to thicken. to thicken even more, whisk in 1/4 c room temp water with 1 1/2 T mochi flour. and simmer while whisking till it thickens to your liking.