What's cooking on The Homestead...

​​​​​​We’re cooking up brekkie for all our new friends that come to stay here on The Homestead. Our sweet new friend M said right before leaving : “now I have to go back to my ‘real’ life, where food is not this good.” That inspired us to start sharing recipes (and now cooking classes) because we want your food to be ‘this good!”

We want to say we are very grateful for all the wonderful people that are coming our way, cooking them breakfast from our gardens and sharing stories has been the best! Mahalo to you all!

The Homestead Breakfast (see photos above) : fresh over-easy eggs, freshly picked greens with Pineapple Jam & Mint Dressing, Midnight Bear Sourdough Bread & Love! 

Pineapple Jam + Mint Dressing Recipe : this has quickly become everyone’s favorite; it’s sweet, tangy & fresh. You can drizzle it on greens or just about anything..

2 Tablespoons Kalen’s Pineapple Jam (or any other Jam)

2 Tablespoons Avocado Oil

1 teaspoon fresh lime juice

A pinch of fresh mint leaves

sprinkle of sea salt & fresh ground pepper to taste

miko it all together & enjoy!

Aloha, K&S