Kalen Kelekoma & Sorrel Weiss

Kalen + Sorrel

When we look around us we can't help but smile. Its a lot of hard work and dedication, but we are honored to have the kuleana (responsibility) to malama (take care of) this special place. 

We live halfway between the Kalalea Mountain Range and Anahola Bay, on a parcel of farmland that we are tending with clean water from a natural aquifer. 

Anahola with it’s breezy tradewinds, is the gateway to the North Shore and has quite a unique climate and story. We call it the 'in between' because it's not too rainy or too dry, allowing us to explore growing a diverse array of plants and animals together in one place. Which is pretty amazing! And keeps us on our toes, always learning. And with lots to share with our visitors.

We are Kalen + Sorrel. Kalen is part-Hawaiian/Hapa-Haole and was born and raised in Kaua'i, his family roots going back to the first people who inhabited this island. He spent the past 10 years working for the Waipa Foundation, where he learned to work with the aina (land) and developed a deeper love for growing & creating food from scratch and nurturing the land. And then bringing people together to share in experiencing it. He helped manage the Waipa Foundation and run the Waipa Farmers' Market and both the Music & Mango and Kalo festivals, as well as welcomed and cooked for folks that came to visit. And he has now brought this knowledge home with him, to this land. 

Sorrel was born to master gardener, hippy folks and raised on an organic farm in San Diego, California.  She’s been creating food & medicines from plants since she was a little girl. As a young woman, she helped run her family’s health food store and cafe while studying nature-based healing traditions in the US and abroad and then became a successful  farm-to-table Private Chef & Educator (before it was a thing), years ago in San Diego..and beyond, as she travels around the world. She loves growing and procuring lovingly raised food and creating beautifully nourishing meals... She believes that’s true medicine.

Kalen & Sorrel met at the farmer’s market & are now homesteading together, and cooking up good old fashioned home cooked meals for those that come their way.