Kalen Kelekoma & Sorrel Weiss

Kalen + Sorrel

When we look around us we can't help but smile and feel grateful. Its a lot of hard work, we love it tho, and are honored to have the kuleana (responsibility) to malama (take care of) this special place!!

Our homestead is halfway between the Kalalea Mountain Range and Anahola Bay in Anahola; a beautiful parcel of Hawaiian farmland that we are lovingly tending.

Anahola with it’s breezy tradewinds, is the gateway to the North Shore and has quite a unique climate and story. We call it the 'in between' because it's not too rainy or too dry, allowing us to explore growing a diverse array of plants from island natives to Mediterranean all together.. Which is amazing & keeps us on our toes, always learning! And with lots to share with our community!

We are Kalen + Sorrel. Kalen is part-Hawaiian/Hapa-Haole and was born and raised in Kaua'i, his family roots going back to the first inhabitants of this island. He comes from a fisherman family with a history of catering luaus. He has a love for this land & ‘local’ food that runs deep & he’s been tending to it & cooking & teaching for over 13 years now.

Sorrel was raised a barefoot farm girl, to hippy folks on their organic farm in Fallbrook, CA. She loves gardening, cooking, crafting...and has been traveling since she was young cooking for others & studying & teaching nutrition, food foraging, and natural food & medicine traditions...among so many other things... Her Aunt & Uncle have been farming in Hawaii for over 40 years, which is who originally brought her here as a kid on Summer vacay.

Kalen + Sorrel met at the farmers’ market in 2017 when he was running it & she was visiting & vending for her Aunt Deb...they fell in love & shared a dream of both wanting to homestead...tend to the land, grow food with good care, cook for others & live pono.