Hi aloha & welcome to the homestead!

following in the footsteps of our ancestors we are malama’ing…tending to this place with our hearts and our hands, gardening organically…helping this piece of earth be ‘āina momona….a beautiful, abundant & diverse regenerative food & medicine forest…a sanctuary…a resting place…🤍

And right now… Summer is here and it’s mango season!! Kalen planted the mango orchard over 20 years ago and four years ago we topped the trees and inspired by Umi began pruning them. Open center pruning to let the light & breeze in to the center of the trees. And noticeably the trees are so much healthier & mangoes are larger, sweeter & easier to harvest. Plus we strung vanilla on the trees 3 years ago like how Sorrel saw when living in the food forests of Bali and this year was the most abundant with hundreds of flowers blooming…and now we are making our own vanilla extract!