Kalen Kelekoma & Sorrel Weiss

Kalen + Sorrel

Aloha! We’re Kalen + Sorrel and we are Homesteading here in Kaua’i. We are a culture that cares. We love our 'aina. We love being out in nature, gardening, growing beautiful food, cooking from scratch, crafting all kinds of gatherings & goodies, and we love sharing our stories & teaching...

[Kalen’s family are some of the first inhabitants to this island & this sacred land is part of his Hawaiian heritage. Sorrel’s a nutritionist, natural chef & farm girl from San Diego, her Aunt & Uncle came to Hawaii when she was a little girl to live & farm. She’s been visiting since she was young & the two actually met at the farmers’ market when he was running it & she was here visiting her family...]

Our homestead is halfway between the Kalalea Mountain Range and Anahola Bay in Anahola; a beautiful parcel of Hawaiian farmland that we are lovingly tending.

Anahola with it’s breezy tradewinds, is the gateway to the North Shore and has quite a unique climate and story. We call it the 'in between' because it's not too rainy or too dry, allowing us to explore growing a diverse array of plants from natives to Polynesian to Mediterranean all together...which is amazing! Keeps us active, always learning, and with so much to share with our community!