Our aina (land)

The story of our land is not as sweet as the pineapples we are now growing (we grow small kine) and making jam with...this land was pretty wounded by high-production pineapple farming. So much so that we still find pieces of the plastic that was used to plant pineapples when we dig, and even digging used to be a journey! The ground was hard, dry & cracked. Mistreated. The nutrients taken for so many years and not replenished..and then this land not fit for farming was given to the Hawaiians for them to farm. With no resources or education of how to do so..

We have devoted a lot of energy to helping regenerate and breathe love and life into a land that was not respected and to continue to pay attention & educate ourselves as to what it needs. Because we care. And for that reason we don’t ‘farm’, we garden. We give, and then we receive. And it’s amazing! Watching as our land heals and our gardens grow, all sparkling and happy.