thank you momma Lynnie for our driftwood orchid wall!

we 💛 our aina. 


we ❤️ guavas! it took 2 years & finally we have fruit from the trees we started from seeds from Uncle Jack Gushiken!!! thank you they are the best we’ve ever had! and these guavas bring up such sweet memories..sorrel remembers her first visit to Hawaii when she was a little girl & the fresh guava juice they used to serve on the airplane & Kalen remembers guava jelly was a “very special treat” his mom used to give him when he was little. and now here we are with guava trees in our backyard! and here are Kalen & Olivia weeding around one of our trees..

we have 4 very healthy soursop trees that Kalen planted about 5 years ago. they started fruiting the end of last year & haven’t stopped. the fruits are amazing & are shaped like hearts & brains & their flavor is crazy good too! we eat them right off the tree, make fresh juice, and our most favorite ever soursop mint ice cream! 

bird’s nest...lilikoi shells filled w soursop ice cream & lilikoi butter!

our aunty yo! gifted us long-beans to plant & now they are all grown up & producing plenty! we will be pickling some because they are so good pickled!!! our other dear aunty Deb gifted us a pomegranate start & it is now a big lady tree & one fruit turned into many!!! thank you dear aunties!!!!!💚

Mountain Apple..

Coconut Carrot Cake w Strawberries

Surinam Cherries

Opo Squash