Specialtea Blends

come for a meander…see, touch, smell, harvest & create your own specialtea blend. we have a garden of beautiful medicine plants all around us…from lokelani to lemongrass to tulsi to hibiscus to ashwagandha, butterfly pea flower, noni, chanca piedra, morninga, bay, mint, basil, dandelion, soursop, citrus’, uhaloa, ihi, neem, olena, ginger, papaya leaf, cuban oregano, gotu kola, rosemary…just to name a few…

garden tour & you pick fresh $40

Or ask about our dry tea blends…

jams + jellies + lilikoi butter

we do usually have jams & jellies, because we grow all kinds of fruit & love to jam.

all our jams & jellies & lilikoi butter are made with lots of 💛 & in small batches. they are simple & delicious. just message us or give us a call to see what we have!

$12 - 30 per jar or trade 🤙🏽